Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns


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AlpCity focuses on local development and urban regeneration of small alpine towns.

Many small alpine and mountain towns/villages have undergone processes of socio-economic decline, have inadequate public/private services, quality of life and built environment, a (mainly aged) population with limited access to culture and decision-making/participation.

These are unsustainable islands of disparity in a generally affluent part of Europe, whose existence impinges the creation of a polycentric urban system and a sustainable urban-rural relationship, often in fragile natural environments at the heart of the Alps.

AlpCity aims at promoting common understanding, cultural/political change, through a large trans-national partnership and different groups of activities, namely: networking and exchange to create common knowledge and strategies, collection of local best practices, innovative project-cases by single local authorities, dissemination and communication, guidelines/future scenarios.