Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns


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AlpCity deals with the crucial problem of the lower socio-economic development, quality of life and urban environment in some small alpine local authorities (fewer economic/employment opportunities, insufficient/inadequate public and private services, limited community participation).

Immediate consequences: economic decline, ageing population, abandonment of villages, loss of cultural vitality, building decay. Additional effects: poor decision-making and innovation capacity, lack of financial resources, professional skills, information. EU-wide and regional policies and programmes should be devised to improve the situation.

These processes of decline are unacceptable for several reasons. First, the small local authorities are the most important interface with the natural/cultural Alpine core and preserve healthy rural-urban connections. Second, this creates internal disparity/peripherality, where some towns are struggling for survival while neighbouring ones are richer and vital, all within very developed regions. Third, in line with the ESDP, a more polycentric urban system should be created. Fourth, only a trans-national approach can help to face the trans-national dimension of the problem. Cooperation between regions, towns, public and private sectors is needed to foster common understanding, knowledge, political and cultural awareness at EU, national, regional and local levels.

Finally: existing local best practice and new pilot activities should be promoted and disseminated.