Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns



Form 1 - Partner’s introduction

Name of the partner

Gemeinde Grainau
Municipality Grainau

Institutional role of the partner

(General information on all sectors of competence and degree of administrative capacity).
Mr. Andreas Hildebrandt
1. Mayor
Decision-maker, responsible for all tasks in general

Name of the sector in charge of managing AlpCity

(National language and English translation).

Trade Unit

Role of the sector within the partner's administrative structure

(Information on specific competences, policies and services).

see above

Partner's expected benefits from the participation to AlpCity

Good practise examples

Support to Grainau

Indicate the WPs (5-8) in which the partner will undertake local case-projects (and if the partner is WP responsible)

WP 5-7

Organisational expectations from the participation to one or more specific WP5-8 (case-projects)

(The WP must have internal rules? Which ones? How do you see the role of the WP responsible? How do you think exchange of experiences within the WP should be promoted? What could be the ways to structure the WP: distinct meetings, news by email? Others?).

  • tight but flexible timetable
  • every 2-4 weeks updated newsletter by email
  • good flow of information between the LP and PP as well as between PP and PP

Expectations from the work of AlpCity Scientific Steering activities

General information flow

Not made up work and financial reports, which have to be passed to the partners on time

Keep the survey of the whole project

Form 2 - Description of the concerned territory (geographic and/or institutional areas)

Administrative areas within the region

(What are the administrative levels within the region for different policy, planning, and project purposes? What are the different competences within these areas? What is the relationship between these levels and the small towns? The mountains?).

  • Grainau - planning sovereignty
  • Regional government of Garmisch-Partenkirchen - permission authority
  • Government of Upper Bavaria - inspection

Brief description of the mountain character within the whole partner's territory

(Examples: what part is covered by mountains, what are the types of mountain (high, medium, low), which is the quota of the population living in mountain areas, what is the role of the mountain areas in the regional economy, etc.).

Very high mountains - the Zugspitze - highest peak of Germany.

An extremely important role for the tourism.

Structure of the towns within the region

(Examples: size, hierarchy, demographic and economic changes, main social and economic problems).

size: 3704 inhabitants; small village in our region

100 years ago, Grainau was a pure agricultural area, which now has developed to an economically mono-structured region, with an exceptional dependency on tourism in the past 70-80 years. Due to the mentioned focus on the tourism sector and also because of the changed living habits of the population, various problems in the village have resulted. The retail sector partially disappeared, so that the basic provision of the inhabitants with goods by the local shops is not ensured anymore.
A research concerning the retail structure in Grainau from the year 2003 showed that 75% of the local inhabitants purchase power drains off to surrounding cities. If no counter measures will be taken, this trend will continue. The majority of the working population commutes daily. This situation even has been made worse by the fact that the trade sector had to register a considerable lack of work places in the last years. Several employees even commute to Munich daily. Also in this field, no trend reversal can be noticed.

Names of the case-projects (described in Form 3) and all administrative area/s involved
  • WP 5: Economic development
  • WP 6: Services/quality of life
  • WP 7: Urban environment
  • Involved: Grainau and the government of Upper Bavaria

Number of inhabitants in these areas (please list all individual towns and other administrative levels concerned by each case-project)

Gemeinde Grainau - 3.704 inhabitants.

Specific issues on the structure of the towns in these mountain areas

Replacement of the two centres of Grainau.

Setting up of specific cross conections.

Economic profile of these towns
- regional functions
- external functions


Social image of the mountains within the region

(Examples: symbolic values attached to the mountains, level of attractiveness for residential and/or leisure time activities, level of repulsiveness, differences among community and social groups. Please comment your replies!)

The symbolic value of the mountains, specific the symbolic of the Zugspitze, is quite high - it is the symbolic for Grainau, as we call us "Das Zugspitzdorf" (the Zugspitz village).

Policies for the mountain

(Is there a specific legislation concerning mountain areas? E.g. national, regional, other levels. What are the main points? Please indicate also the references and dates. Besides legal instruments, is there a specific partner's political approach vis-ŕ-vis the mountains? What are the objectives? What are differences with other areas/regions?).

  • nature reserve
  • conventions of the alps
  • German Alps Union
  • Development
  • Water protection
  • Ward of danger