Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns


WP7 Grainau

Improving local aspect such as better traffic routes/downtown's

Case-project abstract
  • Protection of the village life appearance and building up of a new traffic situation
  • Revival of the two downtowns at the village
  • Creating of a new industrial estate and improvement of the traffic situation
Reasons for the choice of this case-project
  • The permanent simplification of the construction law is taking risk, that by the development only the economic side is determinated and not the village life situation
  • In the past the development of the road network was determined by the meaning that the car got the complete priority
  • Creating of a suitable site for new business
Adopted methodology
  • Stocktaking ot the urban situation
  • Analyse of some selected priorities (e.g. traffic situation, public transportations,...)
  • Development of some solutionpoints together with the persons concerned
Expected benefits (local and regional levels)
  • Creating apartments for families
  • Declining of the car traffic and better use of the public transportations

Are follow-up activities foreseen ?

Yes, but not yet defined

Expected value added (other than financial) from the participation to an INTERREG project

Getting experiences out of the other project partners, which are possibly can be transferred to your own territory and which could be make an efficient work possible by similar problematic nature. As well we can find some solution points by the other partners.

Output indicators
  • No increase of second homes
  • Supply of new jobs
  • 2 feasibility studies

Impact indicators
  • Through out of clear air more life quality (less exhaust fumes)
  • Getting back to traditional and old development style

Name of the town/s concerned

Municipality Grainau

Demographic, social and economic situation of the town/s concerned and specifically identified problems

Most of the people consider only the economic side at the development

The public

The public traffic is not use adequate, because in the meaning of convenience and independence

Role of the mountain resource within the local development chances of the town/s concerned (positive or negative)

Through out of the unique site there is a constant development desire, which is not only according through to the development criterions of the town, but also by the ideas of the owner of the properties. This concerns the whole development (water, sewage system, ...)

Expected contribution of the foreseen actions towards the development of the town/s concerned

A good and healthy development of the village

Who is the responsible for the concrete development of the project?

Municipality Grainau, experts (not yet decided)

How are activities sub-contracted?

Call for tenders - for the above description

Beside the partner, which administrative authorities are involved in the project? How?

Government of Upper Bavaria -

Investigated measures, guarantee for a direct realization

Who are the main local/regional project actors?

Municipality Grainau

Are there important actors who are not integrated or are opposing the project ?


The case is isolated or integrated within a broader frame/ programme of activities? How? How are these activities being financed?


Government of Upper Bavaria?

Investigated measures, guarantee for a direct realization

Timetable for the project development (July 2004 - May 2006)

Start: October 2004 till May 2006

Are experts (non SSC) involved into the case and research activities undertaken for the case? What is their role?

Not yet - call for tenders