Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns


WP6 Grainau

Improvement/promotion of services with a special interest on youth needs/interests

Case-project abstract

Summary of service and service industry supply and their structure (inhabitants and tourists) as well as the adjustment of quality and the size to nowadays demand

  • Promotion of one's own initiative to improve the quality of life
  • Measures to develop the local identification of children and the youth
  • Promotion transnational relationship with the young generation
  • Adaptation of the tourism supply to the demand
Reasons for the choice of this case-project

The public village life is wide concentrated for the requirement of tourism industry

Therefore the social and cultural prospects are coming sometimes into the background

And then the community spirit suffers or is nearly falling away

WP6: services/quality of life

Adopted methodology
  • Stocktaking of existing companys at the service industry
  • Analyse (scientific attended) of supraregional development and of their consequences towards companies at the alpine communities
  • Rough draft for the adaptation of service companies at the present demands

Expected benefits (local and regional levels)

The inhabitants should find out again their own cultural assets and accordingly set their targets and their life style through out it. Therefore the tourism should be involved, but not determinant

Are follow-up activities foreseen ?

Yes, but not yet defined

Expected value added (other than financial) from the participation to an INTERREG project

Getting experiences out of the other project partners, which are possibly can be transferred to your own territory and which could be make an efficient work possible by similar problematic nature. As well we can find some solution points by the other partners.

Output indicators
  • Should the village grow: increase of inhabitants
  • Even there is no tourism season, the culture life should take place
  • Increase of the village through out of young people and not through out the increase of older aged people
  • Stability of tourism or even a little increase

2 feasibility studies

Impact indicators
  • The love to the native and the one village
  • More increase in the interest of the neighbours and not the unconditional pursuit of own interests within the village
  • Long term relationship of the tourists toward the vacation place

Name of the town/s concerned

Municipality Grainau

Demographic, social and economic situation of the town/s concerned and specifically identified problems

The cultural and social life is extraordinary influenced by the tourism

From now on it should be more influenced by the different social groups, but under consideration of the tourist demands

Service industry should become more importance at the public standing

Role of the mountain resource within the local development chances of the town/s concerned (positive or negative)

The social and cultural priorities are spreaded only over few summer months and over a very short time at winter time - even the time of tourism

Expected contribution of the foreseen actions towards the development of the town/s concerned

Creating a cultural and social environment, which is life and loveable for young people

Pay specific attention to the tourism, the main target of the village

Who is the responsible for the concrete development of the project?

Municipality Grainau, experts (not yet decided)

How are activities sub-contracted?

Call for tenders - für konkrete Teilobjekte

Beside the partner, which administrative authorities are involved in the project? How?

Government of Upper Bavaria -

Investigated measures, guarantee for a direct realization

Who are the main local/regional project actors?

Municipality Grainau

Are there important actors who are not integrated or are opposing the project?


The case is isolated or integrated within a broader frame/ programme of activities? How? How are these activities being financed?


Government of Upper Bavaria?

Investigated measures, guarantee for a direct realization

Timetable for the project development (July 2004 - May 2006)

Start: October 2004 till May 2006

Are experts (non SSC) involved into the case and research activities undertaken for the case? What is their role?

Not yet - call for tenders