Local endogenous development
and urban regeneration of small alpine towns



Form 1 - Partner’s introduction

Name of the partner

HEVs - Haute école valaisanne (University of Applied Sciences Valais).

Institutional role of the partner

Swiss coordination Scientific responsibility for the pilot case St-Maurice.

Name of the sector in charge of managing AlpCity

Institut Economie & Tourisme (Institute Economy & Tourism).

NM-P1 Haute école Valaisanne

Role of the sector within the partner's administrative structure
  • Public Management.
  • Tourism.
  • Regional development.

Partner's expected benefits from the participation to AlpCity
  • Exchange of experiences.
  • Learning from other cases.
  • Development of a new methodology for the setup of a tourism strategy in a municipality.

Indicate the WPs (5-8) in which the partner will undertake local case-projects (and if the partner is WP responsible)

WP5 economic development.

Organisational expectations from the participation to one or more specific WP8-8 (case-projects)

A real coordination for each WP 5-8 is needed. Exchanges via e-mail and phone + specific discussion during the PSG meetings should permit this coordination..

Expectations from the work of AlpCity Scientific Steering activities

Already mentioned in the SSC guidelines (draft).